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Become a Valley Defender to get updates on how you can help the ongoing efforts to clean up the Hudson River.

What can you do now?

SEND A LETTER TO THE EPA saying the cleanup is “not protective of human health and the environment.”

READ THE RECENT REPORT from Friends of a Clean Hudson (FOCH) that details how the concentration of toxic PCBs in the river’s fish and sediment remain higher than anticipated. (Or check out the EXECUTIVE SUMMARY)

READ THE 2021 REPORT from Natural Resource Damages experts who estimated GE could owe as much as $11.4 billion to heal the river. (Or check out the two-page summary or the 12-minute video)

WATCH the virtual premier of PCBs: A TOXIC LEGACY from acclaimed filmmaker Jon Bowermaster and Oceans8 Films, followed by a conversation with the filmmaker.

WATCH the recent June 11, 2024 Webinar: What’s at stake for the Hudson River PCBs Superfund site with Congressmen Pat Ryan and Marc Molinaro. Hosted by Friends of a Clean Hudson.

ADD YOUR VOICE! We bring the voices of the Hudson Valley directly to the decision makers and policy makers shaping our future. 

Federal Farm Bill

The U.S. Farm Bill is up for renewal in 2024. We’re making the case to Congressional leaders to include more support for our farms and farmers in the Northeast, and to include climate and environmental justice provisions in the new legislation.

Community Preservation Fund

CPFs allow certain Hudson Valley towns to set up funds to protect the land and historical buildings that maintain their unique identity. Find out if your town qualifies and how to get the support you need to make it happen.

ECO-LOGIC: Greening New York’s Budget

During the annual budgeting process in Albany, we make the case that investment in a clean, healthy environment is paramount to quality of life in New York.

New York Bond Act

The Bond Act, which was passed in November 2022, provides $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects across New York State.

River Access

On both shores of the Hudson, railroad tracks prevent communities from accessing their waterfronts and taking advantage of the river’s recreational, scenic, and economic potential. We must continue to protect and enhance river access for all.

Stop Toxic Barges

Commercial shipping is crucial for the Hudson Valley’s economy, but that activity can’t put the water, wildlife, and people of the Hudson Valley at risk.

Stop the Plant

Owners of the Danskammer power plant on the Hudson River in the Town of Newburgh wanted to replace the current facility — which operates only a few days a year — with a new gas plant that would run nearly all the time.

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