The health of the air and water is directly connected to our health. Unfortunately, the future of both is in the balance. We have worked hard for 40 years to keep our skies free of pollution and make the worst polluters clean up their mess, and we need community action to keep the pressure on. If you value the fresh air, the mighty river, the dozens of waterfalls, the globally rare wetlands, and the important reservoirs we steward, join us in this fight.


Active Campaigns

Community Preservation Fund

CPFs allow certain Hudson Valley towns to set up funds to protect the land and historical buildings that maintain their unique identity. Find out if your town qualifies and how to get the support you need to make it happen.

Stop the Plant

Owners of the Danskammer power plant on the Hudson River in the Town of Newburgh want to replace the current facility — which operates only a few days a year — with a new gas plant that will run nearly all the time.

River Access

On both shores of the Hudson, railroad tracks prevent communities from accessing their waterfronts and taking advantage of the river’s recreational, scenic, and economic potential. We must continue to protect and enhance river access for all.

ECO-LOGIC: Greening New York’s Budget

During the annual budgeting process in Albany, we make the case that investment in a clean, healthy environment is paramount to quality of life in New York.
Stop Toxic Barges

Stop Toxic Barges

Commercial shipping is crucial for the Hudson Valley’s economy, but that activity can’t put the water, wildlife, and people of the Hudson Valley at risk.
Senator Gillibrand and Scenic Hudson's Ned Sullivan advocating for a cleaner Hudson River. February 2024 in Albany.

Heal the Hudson

We need sustained citizen action to heal the Hudson River and restore the health and full economic potential of the valley’s most important natural resource.

New York Bond Act

The Bond Act, which was passed in November 2022, provides $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects across New York State.

Past Campaign Wins

Hudson River Anchorages

Preserving water quality and habitats, public action has twice halted the U.S. Coast Guard’s attempts to expand the locations where barges carrying hazardous materials can anchor, once in 2016 and again in 2023.

New York Bond Act

FUNDING AVAILABLE: The Bond Act provides $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects across New York State. Learn more about the project’s goals and available funds: #DefendtheValley

Rockland Desalination Plant (Haverstraw)

Our six-year campaign to halt construction of an environmentally harmful desalination plant on Haverstraw Bay — site of some of the river’s most important aquatic habitats — ended in victory when plans to build the facility were dropped.

St. Lawrence Cement Plant (Hudson)

Preserving air quality and iconic views from Olana, New York State rejected plans to erect this 20-building manufacturing complex resulting from our grassroots campaign to stop its construction.

Ask a Scenic Hudson Air & water expert

Ned Sullivan

President, Scenic Hudson

Hayley Carlock

Deputy Counsel, NYS Office of Renewable Energy Siting

Pete Lopez

Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy and Science

Pia Ruisi-Besares

Director of Science, Climate and Stewardship