Rising sea and river levels, droughts, floods, and extreme temperatures are here and will be increasing in frequency. The actions we take now will make all the difference in how we weather the literal storms ahead. We are using creative tools and techniques to work toward a future that balances and reduces risks to people, property, and nature while promoting a secure, thriving Hudson Valley with a vibrant, healthy ecosystem. With your help, we can ensure everyone has a say in how we grow resilience and create new opportunities in our communities in the face of what’s ahead.


Active Campaigns

ECO-LOGIC: Greening New York’s Budget

During the annual budgeting process in Albany, we make the case that investment in a clean, healthy environment is paramount to quality of life in New York.

Federal Farm Bill

The U.S. Farm Bill is up for renewal in 2024. We’re making the case to Congressional leaders to include more support for our farms and farmers in the Northeast, and to include climate and environmental justice provisions in the new legislation.

New York Bond Act

The Bond Act, which was passed in November 2022, provides $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects across New York State.

Stop the Plant

Owners of the Danskammer power plant on the Hudson River in the Town of Newburgh want to replace the current facility — which operates only a few days a year — with a new gas plant that will run nearly all the time.

Past Campaign Wins

New York Bond Act

FUNDING AVAILABLE: The Bond Act provides $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects across New York State. Learn more about the project’s goals and available funds: https://defendthevalley.org/campaign/bond-act/ #DefendtheValley

Pilgrim Pipelines (Hudson Valley)

We engaged people and communities to oppose this proposal to construct two crude oil pipelines through the valley. The outcry against the project led to its abandonment, halting potential environmental, public health, and safety threats.

LG Headquarters (Englewood, NJ)

In a “win-win” for the environment and the economy, LG Electronics reached an agreement with Scenic Hudson and partners to reduce the height of its proposed corporate tower atop the Palisades, preserving magnificent views and keeping jobs in the region.

Expanded Crude Oil Operations (Albany)

Decreasing the likelihood of hazardous spills and health threats in local neighborhoods, Global Partners decided not to build new crude oil facilities. We partnered in opposing the expanded operations.

Ask a Scenic Hudson Climate Change Expert

Ned Sullivan

President, Scenic Hudson

Hayley Carlock

Deputy Counsel, NYS Office of Renewable Energy Siting

Pia Ruisi-Besares

Director of Science, Climate and Stewardship